Cybersecurity Horizon: Cortex XSIAM & Prisma SASE: Innovating SOC, AI-Driven SASE for Future Defense

Bengalaru User Group

Dec 5, 2023, 4:30 – 8:30 AM

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Customer Event: Explore the evolution of SOC in our in-person meeting. Delve into the transformative journey with Cortex XSIAM, navigating the modern landscape of threat detection & response. Additionally, discover the power of AI-driven SASE through Prisma SASE, redefining network security for the digital era. Join us as we unravel the future of cybersecurity, blending innovation & intelligence.

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About this event

"Join us for a groundbreaking Customer Event: 'Cybersecurity Horizon.' As we explore the evolution of Security Operations Centers (SOC), witness the transformative journey with Cortex XSIAM, navigating the modern threat landscape. Discover the power of AI-driven Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) through Prisma SASE, revolutionizing network security for the digital era.

Key Highlights:

1. **Superior ZTNA 2.0 Security:** Unveil the future of Zero Trust Network Access with Prisma SASE, providing unparalleled security for agile, cloud-enabled organizations.

2. **Branch Transformation:** Explore how Cortex XSIAM is reshaping branches, ensuring a seamless and secure network experience.

3. **Automated IT Operations:** Witness the efficiency of AI automation in IT operations, optimizing processes and enhancing overall cybersecurity.

The Autonomous Security Platform Powering the Modern SOC:

1. **Elevate the Role of Your Security Analysts:** Empower your security analysts with advanced tools and insights, enabling them to proactively respond to evolving threats.

2. **Respond to Threats in a Fraction of the Time:** Experience the speed and precision of threat response with Cortex XSIAM, reducing threat resolution time.

3. **Simplify Data Onboarding:** Streamline data onboarding processes, making it easier for your organization to adapt to the modern security landscape.

This is an exclusive Customer Event focused on addressing the challenges of disconnected network security architectures. It's not just an event; it's a journey into the future of cybersecurity, where innovation and intelligence converge to create a robust defense against evolving threats."

This is a "Customer Event" and "not a Partner Event".


  • Syam Pillai

    Palo Alto Networks

    Sr. SE Specialist Cortex

  • Brijesh Paramel Pattathil

    Palo Alto Networks

    SASE Speialist


Cortex XSIAM
Prisma SASE


  • Faizan Sheikh

    Palo Alto Networks

    Channel SE


  • Faizan Sheikh

    Palo Alto Networks

    Chapter Leader

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