Simplifying Centralized Policy Mgmt & Elevating Network Visibility with Prisma Access & Integration

Global Chapter

Nov 8, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM


About this event

The big shift we’ve seen over the past 24 months is that work is no longer a location, it is an activity. Users and applications are everywhere, the employee is now a hybrid worker. According to Forbes, 41% of employees work a hybrid or full-time remote job as of 2023 and 32.6 million Americas will work remotely by 2025.

As a Palo Alto Networks customer using Prisma Access, you understand that to manage the modern complex network and ensure your business partners and remote, in office and hybrid employees can work without interruption, you need to support the transition of applications and workloads out of the data center, beyond the cloud, and to the edge. Tufin’s integration with Prisma Access enables Palo Alto Networks customers to simplify the management of their zero trust network access policies and to get increased control and visibility by managing all policies from one place.

Join your network, edge, and cloud security peers along with Erez Tadmor, Tufin’s Network Security Evangelist, and Pratistha Srivastav, Senior Product Manager for Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access to learn how to:

• Overview of Prisma Access and how it helps you achieve Zero Trust

• Take Control of Your Network: Gain complete visibility, insights, and control over your Palo Alto Network Next-Gen Firewalls and Prisma Access.

• Boost Your Security Team's Efficiency: Increase your network security team's productivity through zero-touch automation for Panorama device groups and Prisma Access while ensuring uncompromised security.

• Unlock the Power of Tufin: Utilize Tufin's advanced analysis and automation workflows to harness the full potential of Palo Alto Networks' App-ID, User-ID, Content-ID, URL Categories, and more.

• Secure Your Network Effectively: Join us to discover how security practitioners can significantly reduce their attack surface by mastering the art of managing network segmentation policies and optimizing Panorama Device Groups.

Presentation by Tufin's Erez Tadmor and Palo Alto Network's Pratistha Srivastav


  • Erez Tadmor


    Network Security Evangelist

  • Pratistha Srivastav

    Palo Alto Networks

    Senior Product Manager


  • Charles Buege

    Fuel User Group

    Technical and Event Coordinator

  • Madeline Ulivieri

    Community Lead

  • Jerilyn forsythe

    Sr. Program and Communications Manager

  • Cheryl Rasmussen

    Manager of Global Online Technical Community


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