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Fuel User Group is a global cybersecurity community focused on driving leadership and education for all security professionals. Members benefit from joining a community of over 37,000 industry professionals, networking and learning new skills, and optimizing their Palo Alto Networks products in the process.

Membership is FREE, and you can sign up to join Fuel herehttps://events.fuelusergroup.org/accounts/signup/?next=/singapore-user-group/ 

Want to help us improve your FUEL experience? Here are two ways to share your thoughts:

  1. Content Topics Form - Let us know what topics interest you: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegyHSEmxZz2IMpBZOnp8WGHo4w-QCQDlstDJF00I-g8PhlYw/viewform?usp=sharing 
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FAQ List 

  1. What is the Singapore FUEL User Group? - The Singapore FUEL User Group is a local cybersecurity community focused on driving leadership and education for all IT professionals. Our vision is a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before. Therefore, this local chapter provides a platform for networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing on actionable strategies for key cybersecurity issues with fellow Palo Alto Networks users in the field.
  2. Who can join the Singapore FUEL User Group? - Palo Alto Networks users located in Singapore who are of the following audience: Cybersecurity Engineer, Post Sales Engineer, Network Security Manager, Infrastructure Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Security Operations Engineer.
  3. How do I become a member of the Singapore FUEL User Group? - Please sign up to join Fuel here.
  4. Is membership in the Singapore FUEL User Group free? - Yes, membership is FREE.
  5. How can I stay updated on upcoming events and activities? - We have an exciting lineup of events and activities in the pipeline! To get the latest updates on what we have in store, please sign up to join FUEL here and keep an eye on our events page.
  6. Are there any resources or materials available for members of the Singapore FUEL User Group? - We have some fantastic resources and materials in the works. Stay tuned for updates on the resources available exclusively for our members.
  7. How can I get involved and contribute to the Singapore FUEL User Group? - We welcome your active participation and contributions. In this feedback form, you’ll find a section where you can express your interest in becoming a contributor and sharing your expertise with the FUEL community. Indicate “YES” and we will get back to you shortly.
  8. How do I provide feedback on the Singapore FUEL User Group? - We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions to enhance your FUEL experience! Here are two ways to share your thoughts: Content Topics Form and the Miscellaneous Feedback Form
  9. What benefits do members receive from joining the Singapore FUEL User Group? - Members of the Singapore FUEL User Group can enjoy several benefits, including networking opportunities with other IT professionals in your field, building relationships, learning from each other’s experiences, access to exclusive content such as technical presentations, virtual test lab, best practices booklet and insights to Palo Alto Networks products as well as community engagement and support.
  10. Is the Singapore FUEL User Group affiliated with Palo Alto Networks? - Yes, it is affiliated with and supported by Palo Alto Networks.

Past events

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Navigating the Future: Insights into Strata Cloud Command Center and PAN-OS 11.x

Chapter Meeting

Ignite On Tour Singapore 2024

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Singapore Fuel User Group Launch


Eddie Lim

Systems Engineering Manager

Yong Chen Tan

Systems Engineering Manager, Singapore

Cheng Luh Ng

Team Lead Palo Alto Networks (Singapore)

Dennis Goh

Team Lead

Joel Koh

Team Lead

Morgan Lew

Team Lead

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