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πŸ”₯ Welcome to the Palo Alto Networks South Florida Fuel User Group! πŸ”₯

We're excited to have you as a valued member of our vibrant community of cybersecurity enthusiasts and experts right here in South Florida. Whether you're a seasoned pro with Palo Alto Networks or just starting out, you've discovered the ideal hub to connect, collaborate, and stay well-informed about all things related to cybersecurity and the cutting-edge Palo Alto Networks technology.

πŸ‘₯ Connect and Collaborate: Our core mission is to foster connections among professionals who share your passion for cybersecurity. Exchange best practices, gain insights, and tap into real-world experiences.

πŸ“š Stay Informed: Rest assured, we're committed to providing you with a wealth of valuable resources, thought-provoking content, and timely notifications about Palo Alto Networks solutions, industry trends, and more.

πŸ—“οΈ Upcoming Events: Be on the lookout for our exciting events, illuminating webinars, and engaging meetups. These opportunities will allow you to delve deep into the realms of Palo Alto Networks, cybersecurity strategies, and offer hands-on experiences with the latest technology.

🀝 Engage and Share: Participation is actively encouraged, so don't hesitate to ask questions, share your expertise, and participate in lively discussions. Your contributions are invaluable and enhance the collective knowledge base for all members.

🌴 South Florida Cybersecurity Hub: We take immense pride in being a vital part of South Florida's cybersecurity community. Collaborate closely with local experts to fortify our shared cybersecurity resilience.

πŸš€ Together, we are actively shaping the future of cybersecurity right here in South Florida. We invite you to be part of this thrilling journey!

πŸ” Stay secure, stay connected, and stay inspired! πŸ”

Upcoming events


Chapter Meeting

Fuel User Group June meetup at Top Golf

We are excited to invite you to our next Fuel User Group event, which will take place at Top Golf in Pompano Beach on Wednesday, June 26th, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST.

Past events

Chapter Meeting

March South Florida Chapter meeting

Chapter Meeting

SoFlo Chapter Meeting - Unveiling the Future of Security: Prisma Cloud (Darwin) & Cortex XSIAM 2.0


Tobi Asonibare

Chapter Leader

Eric Rivera

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

Tatiana Montenegro

Chapter Volunteer
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